Public domain information for your business

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Jun 162016


Public domain Hello world! And welcome back to the blog about public domain information. Today we want to talk to you about the subject that is using public domain information for your business. We all know that often times you can find pictures and e-books and things like that on public domain website, but  did you know that you can find uncopyrightable content for your business that you can put on your website? Yes indeed you can do something like this. One common problem that a lot of business owners run into is that they  cannot come up with good content to put on the website because it is something that is not easy to do. On public domain websites though, we have noticed that there are articles on certain niches that are very key word driven  and content rich. These are all awesome because of the fact that you don’t even have to do any of the writing yourself. All you have to do is go onto one of these public I mean portals and copy and paste the non-copy written article like our friends over at pool builder Sacramento CA .

If you look at their website you will notice that they just used some simple articles that they looked up on a public domain. This content is completely key were driven and it has been indexed for over 10 years so that it is top notch. Since it is been in Google for so long, it is going to help the website rank faster than usual. By the way Google is not  going to red flag this content as duplicate because it did come from a public domain that was not previously copywritten. Google knows when constant has a copyright on it because the crawlers can notice that type of thing. Getting great content for your website has never been easier.  We definitely recommend that you do this for your website because it is going to be very easy and you won’t have to spend the time it takes to create all the necessary content.

If you enjoyed this post, please make sure to come back tomorrow for another post that we will be sharing with you guys.

The difference between public domain and copywritten images

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Jun 082016


Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog and today we would like to talk to you about public domain photos again. Yesterday we went into a brief discussion about where to get the best public domain stock photos. Today we are going to be going of the same subject but we are going to be  telling you about where to find public domain photos versus getting ones that are copywritten so that you don’t get sued.

The biggest problem with finding public domain photos is that a lot of the photos that people are downloading are actually copywritten photos. There are a lot of public domain sites that claim to have free images but they are really just stealing other people’s content. You want to make sure that you are watching out for these types of things so that so that you don’t get scammed. We have seen many cases were somebody tried to resell the rights of the photo and then then  they ended up getting sued by the person who originally on the photo because these people decided to sell something that wasn’t theirs. The sad part is that they were under the impression that it was totally all right for them to do this because they got it from a quote on quote public domain site.

There are only a few public domain websites that you can trust for images. We recommend a website called  for all your stock images because they are a website that does have on copywritten images. Any image that you get from their website, you will be able to completely resell and not get sued. You should seriously go check out their page at pixabay  so that you can start getting your awesome free photos today.

Things to watch out for-if you come across to cite that seems sketchy and is not put together as in the design of the website isn’t up to date or anything like that. Then this website that you are currently on at the time that you are looking for photos is probably a scam site. What is also terrible about these websites is that they will get your credit card information as well and see that they’re giving you free photos. After you download the pictures they will then charge your credit card for a bunch of money.  This is called identity theft and it is a very clever way to get peoples credit card information. People think oh I’m just in putting my credit card number so that I can get three free photos, but they are gravely mistaken. And then it looks like you willingly gave that information over to that person so that they will not get in trouble for the crime they just committed.

Just remember to stay smart with everything you’re doing when it comes to  getting pictures off of a public domain website so that you can protect yourself from a hefty lawsuit and very big fines. Copyright infringement is no laughing matter. It is something that is taking very seriously and there can be criminal action taken because of it.


How to pick out good stock photos from a public domain site

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Jun 072016

There are many different things you can get off a public domain site, they have everything from photos to music, to e-books, and so on. We think that one of the best things you can pick up from a public domain site though is stock photos. For example, there are public domain stock photo websites like pixabay. That is a very popular website for photos that are free to anyone. You can also go into Google images and then go to the no rights reserved section and those are public domain photos that people can use as well.

There are thousands of different public domain websites that you can find stock photos on. If you do is look through them. The main websites for just pictures are great and all but everybody uses those so the pictures will not be unique. We definitely recommend that you go to some of the more general public domain sites  to find photos because not everybody will be using those. The other problem with your basic stock photo sites is that they still own the rights to the pictures see you cannot resell them but they let you use the pictures for free. If you go to a  General public domain site, the photos you will find there you can resell to other people.

This is great because this gives you an opportunity to make a lot of money. There have been many different people that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars just by reselling free photos they found on the Internet. Some of the photos are ridiculous, but they sell for sometimes $20 each and thousands of people will download them. We recommend this way to make money because it is very easy and if you are a person who is somewhat lazy,  then this way of making money is perfect for you.   There are hundreds of different ways to make money off of public domain website but we think that stock photos are the most lucrative form.   There is nothing that is so simple as this, that is why we think it is the best way to make money off a public domain.

There was one man who found a photo on a public domain site and then reserved the rights to it again so he owned the photo and then sold it off to another person for over $100,000. All he had to do was going to a site find a random photo and Bam now he  is Rich! It is that easy.  So again, if you’re looking for a very simple way to make money that is never going to go out of style, then reselling public domain stock photos is the business model you should go with on making money with these websites.

That was the nugget of knowledge we had to share with you today and we hope that you can use this information to go make a new living for yourselves. We thank you so much for joining us again and we will have another awesome post coming tomorrow!

How to use public domain e-books to make money.

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Jun 042016

A public domain is somewhere you can make a lot of money because there are a lot of expired e-books that you can resell on eBay and Amazon. welcome back to the blog everybody and what we just stated above is what we will be talking to you about today.


probably the biggest moneymaker out of any public domain is the reselling of expired e-books.  You can take one of these books and resell it for about $10 and literally thousands of people will buy it. We have known people that have become millionaires from reselling e-books. It is such a simple concept get so many people overthink it so much. Remember one thing about this is  finding e-books that are actually worth selling. So what you want to do is go to all of the top quality public domain sites and look for the most looked at e-books. The ones that are the most popular on the sides are the ones that will sell the best on eBay, Amazon, and all the other portals that sell virtual books.

There is sort of a science to selling these books. When you get your hands on the content from an expired e-book what you want to do is you want to reformat it and make it look sleek again. Here’s an easy place to go to to get things like this done it is called What you want to do is go to fiber and get a brand-new  e-book cover and then also pay an editor to go through the writing and make sure that there are no mistakes. Once you have figured all of that out you might want to add maybe a page or two of some new content to add your own little flair to it. This is not a business model that is completely free, but it is very low and cost and will generate you a high profit.  There’s a story of one guy who got an e-book off of the public domain for free and he made $200,000 off of it. He’s only investment was to pay an editor about 50 bucks to revamp the book and then five dollars to get a cover completed for it. All he did after that was list the e-book up on the sites and it it’s sold like wildfire.  Of course this is an extraordinary case though, so don’t be thinking that you can just take any random crappy e-book and make $200,000 off of it. This is going to take a good deal of thinking and marketing strategies to execute something like that.

Once you have done everything to prepare your e-book to be ready to be sold, then you are ready to list it. All you do now is put it up and sit back and watch the money come in. Would you want to do next is scale the crap out of this business and gout and launch as many books as you possibly can so that you have more lines in the water. The more avenues of cash generating assets you have the better.

We hope that this information we shared with you today is going to help you in your quest to making a lot of money off public domains.


openmeans blog central

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Jun 022016

Here at open means we are going to start a forum page that is going to turn into a public domain. This blog is the start of that we will be sharing posts on public domain information  that is for anyone to use without copyright. So you do not need to retain rights from us to use any of the information. We will offer many different software’s, guidance, and ideas.  Our vision for the future is to eventually turn into a full-fledged public domain. We have to start small though with a blog where we will post links to different software’s that you can pick up that are free to use without a copyright. We want to be a site that can help out anybody with free business ideas and  resources to be successful.

There are many different  resources that the public can get their hands on, it’s just that they don’t know how to do it. That is why you come to a site like us where we find the ideas for you. We will also be posting information that is about paid products versus public domain products. A lot of the time on a public domain you cannot find  much quality stuff, most of it is garbage. We will be in advice blog on how to find good public domain products as well. You can actually make a lot of money off free products from Publix domains by picking up the old expired e-books and reselling them on eBay or Amazon. It is literally a way to make a lot of money without putting up any investment. So if you are someone who has very little capital to start a business but needs some quality products to sell, make sure to go to a public domain to pick those up.

if you don’t know who we are, then you should visit our about page at about open means